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Welcome to Picturing The Americas, a place for everyone who would love to experience the beauty of the Americas (first hand or vicariously).

We’re a family of four on the road from North to South America with a pick up truck and a small camping trailer. Our kids are still young and we have lots of hobbies so there is always action in our tiny home and where ever we are.

Meet the family!


Since years Inge is the biggest fan of Central America having traveled there numerous times. She is also a mom, a wanna-be vegan (who eats meat) and photographer, a fountain of ideas, curious about anything new, ignorer of recipes, a runner, a blogger, as eco as possible, founder of Zero Waste Bloggers Network, DIY enthusiast.


Bastian got infected with Inge’s ‘The Americas Bug’. He’s a geek through and through and a Kite surfer, a lover of gadgets, a meat eater (who can survive vegan stuff too), he’s the rock in the stormy ocean of our family, the calming influence, the logical master mind. Find Bastian on instagram: nexus49.



A whirlwind with endless energy and a deep love for the movie ‘Home’, ketchup and melon and parmigiano. She’s the master climber and big fan of those swing things that aren’t proper swings. Topics she’s curious about are ‘Why are the eyes not on the back of our heads?’ and ‘Why are cars always stinky’. Juni loves reading books over and over again and knows them in and out.


A true sunshine, Mika has the biggest smile and is always in for fun stuff. He loves water, doggies and birdies. He eats everything, always. Mika knows sign language well and knows how to use it (together with a demanding ‘Mama’ scream).

Our journey started in June 2016 in Hood River, Oregon, USA and we’ll see where the wind will send us to. It is our hope that we can make you dream about a journey of your own through our images and videos and inspire you to travel more.

Happy travels!

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