August is over already ?! Travel Summary

Ok, that went quite fast! It’s already September and I haven’t posted the August summary yet.

Here you go!

We drove less than the two months before, stayed longer where we liked it: 5 nights in Victoria, 7 nights at Lake Nitinat for the Windfest, 4 nights in Ucluelet (all these on Vancouver Island) and 3 nights in the driveway of friendly people in Vancouver (Thanks, Michelle & Wayne!).

Lake Nitinat at night and with party:

August was the month of our first border crossing (USA -> CA). Quite exciting, especially because I didn’t want to tell the customs guy a lie and so responded to his question about where we live with a true ‘We’re just long term traveling, no permanent address…’. He was quite confused and asked more questions like ‘What do you call home?’ (a particularly complicated question for me, not only at the border), ‘Where are you going back to when you’re done traveling?’ (we don’t know yet). Anyway, he finally decided to let us in, slightly annoyed I think.


Hey! Look at this! I made a fancy table so now comparing the months against each other is much easier.

MonthDistanceDriverGas $Gas Vol.price / vol.milage
August1394 miles
2243 km
Basti: 42.3 %
Inge: 57.7 %
355.03 CAD
273.23 USD
246.80 EUR
82.4 Gal.
312.1 L
1.14 CAD/L
3.33 USD/G
0.79 EUR/L
16.92 m/G
13.9 L/100km
July2133 miles
3433 km
Basti: 58 %
Inge: 42 %
453.94 USD
407.74 EUR
163.6 Gal.
619.3 L
$2.77 USD/G
0.66 EUR/L
13 m/G
18.1 L/100km
June1979 miles
3185 km
Basti: 55 %
Inge: 45 %
529.98 USD
475.28 EUR
199.7 Gal.
756 L
$2.65 USD/G
0.63 EUR/L
9.9 m/G
23.8 L/100km

Overnight locations

16.6 % of our campsites were free: 3 nights in Vancouver in a driveway and 2 nights in the parking lot of a winery. This one we found via and if you don’t know that yet, you should totally check this out. Farms, wineries and outdoor museums sign up there to offer RV campers one or two free nights in their parking lot, behind the house or elsewhere to park/camp. In return the camper buys produce from the farmer, or wine from the winery or visits the museum… Very cool. We’d love to do this more often.


Basti & Inge

  • Windfest at Lake Nitinat: great location, great kite surfing, great people
  • The friendly strangers that let us camp in their driveway, use their tramboline, their bathroom, led us to their favorite food places. Go check out their own blog:
  • We met many wonderful people in August which we very much enjoyed.
  • The Orca tour starting from Victoria. We saw 6 orcas!!
  • Inge: I also loved meeting Alison from Zero Waste Market in Vancouver!


  • The swing things! There was one swing consisting out of an old metal bar hanging on an old rope from an old tree stump on the beach of Lake Nitinat which Juni could not swing enough. And there was another one made out of an old tire and a very long rope. That one was actually even swining over a pond with ducks!!
  • The Orcas!


  • Water! Be it a puddle or the river or the lake. If there is water, Mika is happy. He is usually happy most of the other time too. But with water it’s even better than that.

Additionally Mika, June and I loved the Space Center in Vancouver! The video in the dome that showed the milky way, sun, earth, mars like we were flying through the universe was absolutely a highlight. Plus there was a ton of lego.



Here is the updated map. Looks like we’re still going North, right? Yeah…. there is so much to see. But we’ll go South, soon-ish. Promise!

The upcoming route looks currently like follows. But you never know, it’s not set in stone. Eyh! Is that going South there??
planned route


We did better than the month before but we’re still paying a lot of money for food. And that even though we really tried to save money. I bought the non-organic bell pepper because it was $3 cheaper than the organic one. And we got almond milk when it was on sale and $1 less than soy milk which we usually buy. But over all, we spent more money on food than in the two months before. And even more than back in Hood River. Is food more expensive in Canada maybe? I don’t know. I bet it’s not but haven’t done a proper comparison.

The total amount we spend in August incl. gas and campgrounds was 4845.47 USD. We keep saying that it’s time that we go South since we’re expecting everything South of the US to be less expensive. But we’ll see if that’s true and we’ll see when that will happen.

We paid quite a lot for ferries this month: 387.67 USD. The initially planned route would have involved even more ferries and would have let us further North. But we changed the plan when we found out that all those remaining ferries would have cost us over 600 USD. No more ferries for now.



Here is the comparison against the previous two months. See how we got much better in the coffee section!



We ate roughly the same stuff in August than in July. I’ve been trying to find alternatives for breakfast and dinner since I can’t stand it when everything is always the same. Like, I get really annoyed by the usual bread, cold cuts and cheese Germany dinner. But since we don’t want to cook twice a day it’s usually that. Argh!

The family gets surprises in form of new dishes prepared by me all the time, sometimes it’s loved, other times it’s refused. I’m more an experiential cook so we never know what we get. Our diet is work in progress.

One kitchen tool that was really worth the money and is a great help for an RV chef is the pressure cooker. I got one of those fargo pressure cooker sets: two different size pots, one lid for pressure cooking, one regular lid and a steamer basket. Reduces the cooking time a lot, keeps vitamins in the veggies, even gets the kids to eat veggies!


Everyone was healthy this month! Bastian’s never ending cough ended. June was fit as can be and Mika is growing new teeth like a champ. I’m healthy too but often very tired. Which leads me to the next point:


Bastian and I got a couple of kite sessions on Lake Nitinat. Amazing! The color of that lake was simply beautiful. And the wind was very steady.


I also managed to go running a couple of times, always hoping that will make me fitter, less tired. But I probably just need more sleep. One good thing about running in Bear Country is that it makes me faster to know that I could potentially, really meet a bear. I get my bear turbo on and after the run I’m pumped with Adrenaline. Anyway… running is good for me.

Kids sports are climbing trees and playgrounds and really anything, running, dancing, bouncing, puddle hopping, stick fights, throwing stones in some type of water. Or just throwing stones. Or other stuff. Throwing is good.


We’re happy with our gear so far. The solar panels and the new batteries are exactly what we needed. Now if only we would have a way to charge laptops and phones in the trailer. The outlets only work when the camper is plugged in. We can only charge our toys in the car when we’re driving. So a week of dry camping leads to a complete electronics deprivation on our side.


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Ok, one more picture… The Orca Tour:



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