Exploring the Maya site Muyil in Quintana Roo, Mexico (with video)

Both our kids can’t swim yet so if it’s just me and the kids for a day, we have to find something to do that does not involve swimming. That can turn into quite a challenge when you’re in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Most of what you can do is either swimming in a cenote or in the ocean or it’s too much for young kids, too advanced like zip lining or too pricy for mommy like Xcaret and Xel-Ha (or the 65 USD entrance for a Monkey Sanctuary… come on!!).

An expedition through a small Maya site is the perfect thing to do with small kids since they can run around, climb a bit and explore the jungle. Muyil is one of the smaller sites and it’s shady since there are a lot of trees. 

The drive from Xpu-Ha where we camped is just around 50 mins which was the perfect time for Mika’s first nap. We drove around 9:30 am and when we arrived Mika and June were a bit grumpy. It turned into a nice trip though with one magic ingredient. Check out the video to find out which one that was:

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There were hardly any other people there, unfortunately also no animals. After 1.5 hours of exploring, running, climbing with bruises, collecting stuff, the kids had enough and were ready for food. A quick 18 minutes drive from Muyil is Tulum where we found a nice vegetarian restaurant and would have found a long list of other lunch options as well.

How to get there

From Cancun Muyil is over 2 hours drive South. If you stay in Cancun and don’t have a good, other reason to be in the Muyil area, I wouldn’t recommend going to Muyil. But if you want to explore Tulum on the same day, it’s worth the drive. From Playa del Carmen it’s around 70 mins and 50 mins from Xpu-Ha where we camped. The road is Highway 307 which is a good road where traffic moves quickly and there are only police inspections close to Cancun but not further South.

Good to know

There is a lagoon close by Muyil and the entrance fee to the Maya site includes the entrance fee to the lagoon. (I didn’t go there so I don’t know if it’s a nice place.)

The cost

Entrance fee is 40 pesos for adults, kids are free.


Do you have any other ideas about things to do with small kids in Quintana Roo? I’d love to hear about them since where still in the area for a while. Comment below.

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  1. February 25, 2017 at 6:05 am

    Looks like a nice place to explore! I love these smaller ruins where there are less people. Can´t believe how expensive it gets!

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