First month travel summary

Time is flying like crazy! We’re already traveling since one full month. It’s still a little bit like we’re in Test – Mode, gear is constantly re-evaluated, and we’re on our way back to Hood River for a couple of errands.

I didn’t manage to blog much, not nearly as much as I wanted to. This is partially because we had terrible internet connection most of the time. Another big part of it is that I’m still working on this very exciting project: the eBook of the Zero Waste Bloggers Network. Almost every laptop minute that I had in June was spend on that.

And then here is the most surprising third reason:

We both were very often, very exhausted. Is this because we’re outside now 90% or more of our awake time and we’re not used to that much fresh air and all that running around and doing things?

Or maybe it’s because we’re for the first time really full-time parents of two kids with never ending energy?

Maybe a combination of both.

Anyway, enough excuses now! Here is the summary of our first month of traveling.


We drove 1979 miles in June and spend $ 529.98 on gas (199.7 gallons). Bastian drove a bit more than I but our documentation here is a bit messed up, so no exact miles available. We have to work on our documentation…

We figured out that an early start is best for a driving day. Mika will gladly take a long first nap and June… well, she just watches “Home” again. Then, if it’s a long drive, we have a lunch break at a (hopefully) nice spot and do some running around before we continue driving. Mika is glad to take a second nap and June also takes her nap then.

For the very curvy roads we use Ginger essential oil in a usb chargeable diffuser to avoid motion sickness. That has worked really well so far.


The blue spots on the map show our overnight locations (mostly campgrounds) and the yellow spots show places we’ve visited.


We’ve spend $3,256.79 in June including gas, campgrounds, food and health insurance. We’re both surprised to find out that we’ve spend $1,080.97 on groceries. What was so expensive? BBQ meat? Beer? Or was it because we shopped mostly at food co-ops? I didn’t have the feeling that we had spend more than we did before traveling. From now on, I’ll take all receipts and do a bigger investigation on that one end of July.

It’s interesting or even weird that the touristy expenses that we had is the smallest amount. We went to one Museum and paid entrance fee for Lava River Cave.

Our Traveling Expenses in June


We wanted to be really sporty on our road trip and I think we’re … not really there yet but on a good way to get there. We both did some Stand up paddling and kite surfing. And I had quite some phenomenal jogging routes. Running next to Smith Rock was simply amazing, same as the ocean run…

Running along ocean beach

Other stuff

What else? Mika had a rough time growing his first molar (it’s there now) and learned walking all by himself. Yay, Mika!!
Juni misses her friends, especially Helen. Bastian already looks like he took a long vacation on a tropical island: well tanned and peeling nose. I had a scary red eye for weeks and had to wear glasses instead of contact lenses. I guess, I can get used to them… bahh!

Ok, that’s it for now. I promise to blog more often once the ebook is ready and out. Stay tuned and sign up here if you haven’t yet (no spam, just a quick note when there is something new on the blog):

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  6 comments for “First month travel summary

  1. Heidi
    July 3, 2016 at 5:16 am

    Hi Inge. Gr8 to hear your news. Very inspring. On a much smaller scale, we just drove down the west coast of france and loved being on the road. I agree an early start is the key as drivig is easier and you get it out of thr way. How did you manage to fit sports in with the two kids? We cycled with our son. Sometimes on short hops we didnt factor in enough time for riding though. Are you doing many more months? The freedom must be lovely. I found grocery shopping and zero waste more challenging and ill be exploring ways to tackle that for next time. Take care and i wish you & family well heidi aka falliblewarrior xxp

    • July 4, 2016 at 3:47 pm

      Hi Heidi! I wonder myself how we managed to fit in sports. I guess, we just pick a time and the one of us takes both kids and the other one does what ever sports it is. Zero Waste is definitely challenging and we’ve created way too much for my liking. It’s hard to figure it out though..

  2. July 3, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Thanks, Inge. So nice to be able to travel with you from my laptop

    • July 4, 2016 at 3:39 pm

      Hey Susan! My pleasure! We’re in Hood River for a couple of days to run some errands and meet up with friends. I hope we can meet for a coffee or so?

  3. Martin
    July 5, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    I am jealous about your jogging routes! 🙂
    We spend roughly the same on food, actually a little according to Mint. I figure because of the more healthy options we usually go for. Costo, TJ and WholeFoods are our main grocery shopping destinations and organic just costs more.
    Great to see your trip progress. Keep the posts coming!

    • July 6, 2016 at 9:33 pm

      Thanks for your comment, Martin! It’s so nice to know you’re ‘with us’ in this adventure 🙂

      I’m going to learn more about pressure cooker cooking hoping that we can make cheaper but still healthy stuff. Let’s see how that works.

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