Mondays around the world ~ NYC

Ever wondered how your day would be if you woke up as someone else? Someone who lives in another country, who has a different job and living situation and who eats things that are not on your regular menu. 
Let’s pick a regular Monday in our lifes and share it! What do you do, where do you go, what do you eat, what does every thing cost?
This was my Monday, August 29th.

  • Getting up at 7 a.m. in a one bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, USA 
  • Turning on the AC, because it’s unbelievable hot, and getting ready for an exiting work day
  • Breakfast: Large iced Coffee to go and a Johnny Boy at Verb Cafe ($6.25) 
  • 30 min subway ride to the office in Midtown, L Train is crowded as usual ($1.75 )
  • 3 hours of conference calls with people on the US West Coast, India and Germany
  • Sushi Lunch Special ($13) at Fuji Sushi on 56th Street and stealing the mayorship of the sushi place on foursquare after only 5 check-ins … YAY! 
  • Working on solutions for clients issues, sending out estimates via email 
  • After work taking the subway downtown to the East Village 
  • Meeting a friend for Dinner at Bourgeois Pig: Mushroom Royal Fondue and a Bottle of Alsace Edelzwicker ($25), happily receiving the vino badge on foursquare 
  • Watching Harry Potter 3D movie in a theater on 34th Street ($17) + bottle of water ($4) 
  • One last drink in Williamsburg on the way home ($9) 
  • Quickly buying toilet paper ($8) and beer (6 Bottles $10.99) at the 24×7 hour drugstore 
  • Paying the gas invoice online ($5.9 per day)
  • Preparing a check for the monthly apartment rent payment ($ 41.67 per Day) 

Makes $142.56, a mayorship and a foursquare badge and a good reason to go jogging tomorrow.

So, how is your Monday? Tell me about it:

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