Mondays Around the World ~ House-sitting in Grenada, Caribbean Sea

Nora Dunn is The Professional Hobo; a full-time traveler (since 2007) and freelance writer who travels in a financially sustainable way. She is currently house-sitting on the Caribbean island of Grenada for three months. Monday, April 9th was a standard day in her Caribbean life:

6:50am – Wake up to soft rain on the roof just before the alarm. Enjoy some yoga and meditation, before showering, cleaning up the hut, and emerging on to my verandah a.k.a. “office”, overlooking gardens and beach. (Cost of accommodation/internet/utilities: $0)

The professional Hobo's house-sitting office in the Caribbean

8am – Run some laundry through the machine and hang in the sun to dry. Drive the gardener and the property’s rubbish up the road for pick-up. Also drop off some seaweed for a local farmer, and receive some freshly picked tomatoes and mangoes as thanks. (detergent: $0.50)

9am – Breakfast of fresh mango, yoghurt, and muesli. Coffee steeping in my little Vietnamese coffee maker. ($1.50)

9:15am – Down to business. Answer emails, write articles, upload posts, and edit together a video of yesterday’s beach adventures.

1:30pm – Realize the time after getting sucked into editing video. Fix a lunch of fresh beet and basil and feta salad. ($2)

2:30pm – It’s time to make something of this beautiful sunny day. I take a drive to Grand Anse to visit some friends.

I enjoy a beautiful drive; just about everybody in Grenada is on the beach for Easter weekend. So I join in on the sun-filled festivities for a short time before getting back home to feed the dog. (gas $3, drink $2)

Nora enjoys house-sitting in Grenada

5pm – Relax with a book as the sun sets/until the sand flies become unbearable and I need to shower and apply bug repellant. (toiletries $0.50)

6pm – Create a beautiful pasta sauce with the tomatoes I received this morning and some fresh basil, and eat dinner as the sun is going down. ($2)

7pm – Stream a television episode on my laptop, while eating a favourite dessert: a warm mug brownie. ($0.50)

8pm – Skype conversation with a friend.

8:30pm – Do some stretches and yoga before settling into bed for some reading, and maybe a game or two on my iTouch.

10pm – Lights out.

That’s $12 (quoted in US Dollars, converted from Eastern Caribbean dollars) for an average quiet work-day in the Caribbean. With free accommodation (a beautiful beach villa no less) for the next few months, I can enjoy a low cost of living, easy pace of life, and the warm breezes of Grenada. It’s a tough life, but I’m up for the challenge!


Thanks for sharing your Monday with us, Nora. Enjoy your stay in Grenada!

I’m craving fresh Mango now…

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