Puerto Rico Kitespot: Punta Guilarte

Enough with 40-50 °F, cloudy and rainy weather! We are off to Puerto Rico, seeking the sun and searching the best kitespot for beginners: steady, slightly on-shore wind without big waves, a sufficiently large beach for launching and not too many bathing people.

Today’s kite spot was Punta Guilarte: a shallow, wide bay with warm, clear water, small waves and no current, surrounded by palm trees. The 18 kts. wind came from north-east, which made it a little tricky close to the beach. South-east wind would be better. But further out the wind was just perfect.
The tip to the left of the bay looks on the first view like a great launching area, without trees and people and far out in the wind, but there are sharp stones, maybe corals, closely under the waters surface.
Just a couple of Puerto Rican families enjoyed the beautiful day at this beach, brought a lot of music and barbeque. We were the only kite surfers, probably because the spots on the north-side of Puerto Rico are better known.

This kitespot is easy to find. The winding coastal road PR-3 (coming from Maunabo) is fun to drive with breathtaking views over the bays and the entrance to the bay is highly visible: a large portal shows the letters: Punta Guilarte. On the way back you can see that nightlife starts here long before the sun even thinks about sun set.

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