Puerto Rico Kitespot: Las Mareas

Sunburned faces, shedding noses, burning muscles, a solid sand-sunscreen mixture in every wrinkle, scratches and bruises well-distributed over the body… we are ready for the next kite day in Puerto Rico. Yesterday’s spot was a surprise.
Only 16 minutes from Punta Pozuelo is the ocean kitespot Las Mareas. Take the PR-710 south till you reach the parking lot on the left side.

The dirty beach and the waves of brownish water didn’t look very inviting to us at first. Maybe we are spoiled from crystal clear and flat water from other spots. The wind blew steady from east so we convinced ourselves to give it at least a try. I was scared by the waves so I went in without kite to test the wake, water height and ground texture. After the first few steps on pebbles is an edge after which it goes down about 2 feet. Two or three steps further I could not stand any more. The pull of the waves was softer than expected though.

Don’t chicken out now, I told myself and took over the kite from Basti, who came already back from his first tacks.

Puert Rico Kitespot Las Mareas

I walked through the surf, slided down the pebble edge and body-dragged behind the bigger waves.
Fighting a wave I squeezed my bootied feet into the loops on the board, with quick looks up to the sky to check the kite location. After the next wave I got on the board, surprisingly easy, and the rodeo took its course.
Eventually the pace picked up, the board bumped over the swashing water. Fast, scary and fun.
Some tacks downwind and walking up wind on the beach is currently my approach, but it actually takes too much energy. I really need to learn surfing up wind.

The kite spot is definitely not a beauty, it’s way too much trash everywhere. The wind from east was very steady though and the waves kind of friendly. The tide does not really matter, I guess, because you can’t stand anyway. For us, it was a good ocean beginner kite spot and we’ll go again to fight more waves.

Find the spot via google maps:

View Las Mareas in a larger map

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