Puerto Rico Kitespot: Punta Pozuelo

Life could go on forever like this: waking up in the morning at cock-crow, watching a warm shower go down on the tropical plants before sunrise, driving to the kitespot at breakfast time and kite, kite, kite all day long at sunny 82°F, only observed by palm trees and pelicans.

Looking for a beginners kite spot we checked out a couple of locations yesterday and found the lagoon at Punta Pozuelo. The road to the spot seems to have no name, but click on the google image below to find the spot. Follow the nameless road till the end and you’re right in front of the lagoon. To the left and surrounding the lagoon are large waves, which should be good for expert surfers. The lagoon itself is a wide area with shallow water and seaweed fields which are hiding sporadic big rocks.
During high tide this is a great spot for beginners (with booties) that are able to ride. During low tide it feels more like plowing a field and if you like your board, don’t do it.

Puerto Rico Kitespot ~ Punta Pozuelo
There were no (sun) bathing people but a couple of curious, super friendly locals interested in the kites.
I like this kite spot for the very steady wind (which was coming from south-east at 18 kts.) and the flat water. A fun spot! Apart from the stones.

View Punta Pozuelo in a larger map

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  1. November 1, 2017 at 9:35 am

    Thanks for the info, not a Kite Boarder but windsurfer, looking to relocate to Puerto Rico from Panama. Been looking for a wind speed description. Thanks, Ric

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