Running: Grand Teton National Park

Running is good for me and when I run, it’s good for the whole family. I’m just much happier if I can run. And since we’re traveling to amazing places, I get to run amazing routes. And since there is so much to see along those routes, I find myself stopping all the time to take pictures with my cell phone. So here is to running at amazing places.

This one here is about Grand Teton National Park.

We’ve done a lot of driving during that month and I felt as if I could not run nearly as often as I would have liked. I really wanted to fit in a run even though it was a driving day. Which led to the idea to get out of the car a couple of miles before we arrive at the next camp spot and run the remaining way. Bastian and the kids would drive to the campsite and he would then distract them with food or something till I was there.

I checked on google maps if there was a big difference in altitude. It was hard to see but I was hopeful it wouldn’t be too much. Since that was the first run of its kind, I decided to not go very far. 3 miles sounded doable even with elevation.

We came from Yellowstone National Park which borders directly onto Grand Teton Teton National Park. We drove down Highway 191, drove along Jackson Lake for a while and then turned into Teton Park Road. At that point I got out of the car.

Grand Teton National Park Run

Bastian drove off and I started running. Just to realize that I really should have gone to the bathroom before running. Anyway, it didn’t take long until I got my phone out to take the first picture. Such beautiful colored trees! Fall colors everywhere.


I found a bush next to the road for the pee problem and was off to the real running fun right after.

Running along the road is very different to trail running. I ran on the left side of the street to be able to see upcoming cars. Most drivers were so friendly to drive closer to the middle of the road to give me some space. But not everyone does that. So I’m giving Thank you signs to everyone who does.

Running Teton

I stopped putting my phone back into the pocket since I realized I would take many more pictures.




The first half of the run was full with amazing colors and great views of the mountains.

Running Teton

Then the road leads over Jackson Lake Dam. The lake on one side of the road, like a mirror, not the smallest movement on the water’s surface, the roaring river on the other side.




A couple of tourists that just climbed out of a bus.
A lady waved and asked ‘How long have you been hiking?’. Blank stare from my side since I was obviously running. I responded after a pause ‘I’m running. Started at the Highway over there.’ pointing behind me. Blank stare from her side. Her eyes went back and forth between me and to where my finger pointed. She wasn’t so much into running.

The second half, I wanted to do fairly quickly, without photo stops. Coincidentally there weren’t any fiery looking bushes, no golden glowing birch trees, no soft grass anymore. Just a road, regular trees and elevation. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the Inge in the past who had insisted to bring the camel back with water. Good choice.

After a much longer uphill run than I had hoped for, I finally arrived at Signal Mountain Lodge where we wanted to camp for the night.

Bam! ‘Campground Full’ sign was up.

Was that up already when Bastian arrived? Or did he get the last spot?

Lucky me, did I just run into a wifi zone and his message arrived ‘We’ve got site 59’.

I found them quickly: June and Mika very busy with investigations around a bear proof food storage box, Bastian trying to convince them to finish their food.

Great run! I should do those driving day runs more often.

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