Seeking the caribbean kitesurfing treasure

A crew of Three went forth on their quest for ‘The best kitesurfing spot for Beginners’ in the Caribbean Sea, with Puerto Rico as their first aim. The Island’s northside is famous among surf pros and feared for its man-high waves. The island promises a strong wind during February and so the Three dared the journey, searching the south for smaller waves and shallow water.

Near ‘El Faro’, the light house of a sleepy town named Maunabo, the crew hid in their residency during the night – rough card games, a buddle o’ rum on the table and quesadillas in their bellies.
Early every morning they asked their lookout:

‘What’s t’ wind’s direction?! How strong be it blowin’?! Gusty or steady?? What about t’ tide? Ye salty sea bass! ‘,

and with the lookout’s response they set sail to seek The Kitesurfing Spot.

Puerto Rico’s South

Kitesurfing spot Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico La Parguera: Southwest of Puerto Rico is this bio-luminescent bay with mangrove islands and sand cays. It’s supposed to be great for kite surfing, but the lookout did not predict strong wind during two weeks so the Three did not set sail onto this place.
More about La Parguera

Bahía de Jauca: Not enough steady wind in the narrow bay for the Three. No, that’s not it.
Bahía de Jauca on google maps

Bahía de Rincón: From Jauca the Three took the road PR-1 going East and passed this wide bay, wondering if this is a good kite spot. There is enough space for kite set up, swimming is allowed, wind seemed steady, but the waves smashed hard on a pebble stone beach. Might be a spot for experts, but not for beginners.
Bahía de Rincón on google maps

Bahía de Jobos: A pier but no beach awaited the Three here. Hard to set up and launch the kites. Gusty winds were coming from south east across Bosque Estatal De Aguirre. No, not the right spot.
Bahía de Jobos on google maps

Punta Pozuelo: At the end of a nameless road a flat and shallow water area appeared as a good spot for kitesurfing beginners, but mind the sporadic rocks in the water! There is enough space to set up kites, no swimmers or landlubbers were around and for lunch was always a fresh coconut available. Brin’ ye machete!
Kite spot Punta Pozuelo.

Las Mareas: The crew of Three had a couple of great surfing days here, despite their first impression of the spot as dirty and the rough waters. The waves were high but friendly. East wind was strong and steady most days from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. Favorite spot of the crew!
Kite spot Las Mareas

Punta Guilarte: This bay is a Balneario, bathing resort, with opening hours, showers and camping area. The wind was gusty close to the beach but good further out, the waves not too big. For kite beginners not quite the best spot, due to the folks sunbathing and swimming.
Kite spot Punta Guilarte

Puerto Rico’s North

Playas del Yunque: Mentioned in the guide book ‘The world kite and windsurfing guide’  and also known by windguru, this place is actually a secured, private residency without beach access for visitors. Following the street further north a loophole through the chain of luxury resorts can be found.  This large bay should be good for advanced riders.

Luquillo: Beautiful bay with some sun bathing tourists from near by resorts. Outside of travel season there should be enough space for kite set up and launch. Mid-sized waves and a couple of reefs make it a kite spot for somewhat experienced surfers.
Luquillo on google maps

 Aarrr! Matey, tis island be a jewel! Wit’ wind between 10 ‘n 18 knots we be rigin’ a bigger sail fer th’ ole ship.
Whar to be off next? No landlubbers, or ye’ll be keelhauled! Th’ hunt fer th’ treasure gunna be continued.

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