Sip in the city ~ New York one coffee at a time

Walking through New York City’s streets can make you wonder if the fast pulse of the city is caused by coffee. In the morning you can observe people rushing to the office with a coffee to go in one hand and the mobile in the other; you can see people squeezed together in the subway with paper cup and plastic lid; and there are lines where coffee is being sold.

There are also after-lunch-coffees, quick afternoon espresso shots in tiny paper cups, tasty latte for a long chat with girl-friends, the business-meeting-in-a-cafe-coffee and the I’m-so-tired-but-want-to-go-out coffee.

Explore New York City by coffee

Coffee heart NYC


First aid against  Jet lag can be bought at one of the many food carts in New York. On your way to Wall Street? You’ll find food carts on your way! Fighting your way through Midtown’s craziness, food carts everywhere. But only till lunch time starts.

Combine it with sight-seeing

Next to Flat Iron Building and Madison Square Park is the Eataly which itself is a great

visit. After your italian style coffee you can find a large variety of italian pasta, cheese, salami, olive oil and many more in this busy indoor market. Looking for something more New Yorker-ish? Try a Shack-cago
You like it more cozy and independent? Check out the East Village Cafes like Mud Cafe, Ost Cafe or B cup.Dog or ShackBurger at Shick Shack in Madison Square Park. Yes, there is another long line, but that’s totally New Yorker-ish.

Coffee Roasters

Stumptown, originally from Portland, OR, located on 29th and Broadway is a great place if you like to know more about the coffee in your cup. It is directly traded with the coffee farmers and there is a variety of organic coffees available. ‘Organic Coffee is coffee grown without the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides of any kind. Organic Coffee is better for you, better for the environment, and better for the workers who pick the beans.‘ as they say. You can even find information about the farm that grew your coffee on the Stumptown’s website. Way to go, I say.

For adventurers

If you’re in the mood for an adventure, cross the East River for a coffee at Toby’s Estate (N 6th Street, close to L train stop Bedford Ave) to enjoy a Brooklyn roasted coffee from direct trade with coffee farmers. I know, crossing the river is not on everyone’s plan who has just a little bit of time to spend in the city. But Williamsburg is well worth a visit with its many small restaurants, boutiques and bars and Toby rewards Adventurers with public cupping classes. You can even learn Latte Art and Pouring Techniques in Toby’s classes. And foremost, Toby is serving the best coffee, the most delicious and tasty cappuccino I’ve ever tasted.

For techies

You like the tour de cafe through the city and you’re looking for even more? There is an app for that. The New York Times inside guide ‘The Scoop’ is available on the app store for free and will help with the many, great coffee places New York City has to offer.


Now tell me, what’s your favorite coffee place in New York City?

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