Volunteer for a day ~ Santa Emilia, Nicaragua

Fun things are happening in the colorful city of Granada in Nicaragua!
Travelers from all over the world volunteer for a day to teach kids art in the Project EcoARTE.

self-made flower by Mosaico

Image by Projecto Mosaico

A family from Israel, a couple from Ireland, an elderly married couple from Netherlands and young bag-packers on their journey through Central-America take the opportunity to experience first hand what it means to be a volunteer in a project in the Barrio Santa Emilia.
In the morning the One-Day-Volunteers participate in a workshop to learn how to make beautiful flowers and butterflies out of plastic bottles.
A blue VW camper called “Thelma” brings the excited new teachers, Nicaraguan project employees and long-term volunteers to the barrio where a colorful, creative day follows.
Not only for the kids is this multicultural art project a day full of fun and new learning’s. Mom’s get to practice their English skills and One-Day-Volunteers learn about the barrio life.

Want to volunteer for a day?

* One-Day-Volunteering fee (for Material and Transportation):  $10
* Get in contact with Mosaico via facebook or email

Can’t volunteer in person? You can still  give a little to make a huge difference.

Volunteering in Nicaragua is colorful and fun

Image by Proyecto Mosaico

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