Whaddaboudatripod, did che use 1?

Or in other words: How I caught the milky way.

This is especially for Sascha who wants to know all the details about the below shown photograph. First and foremost a fantastic night sky was needed. I happened to find it at ‎Longsword Vineyard in Oregon. But more about the location later.

Night sky at ‎Longsword Vineyard, Oregon


I took only a couple of pictures which included the night sky, Basti sitting in the light of the camper and the tree to the right.
The equipment I used was a Canon 5d Mark II with a Canon Lense 8-15 mm and a Tripod.

I was sitting on the hey-covered ground in my pjs, tripod legs the shortest possible, but just because I was lazy and wanted to sit on the ground. I used the 2sec timer to avoid movement of the camera when pressing the button. Focusing is the hardest part as most of the area in the viewfinder is pitch black. Infinity is usually my choice, didn’t go wrong with it this time either.

And then it was simply try and error and try again until the picture looks like what I had in mind. 30 seconds shutter speed at f4 and with ISO 2000 was what created this picture. Next time I’ll be hopefully not too lazy again to install the remote. Longer exposure and less ISO would have made the picture even better, less grainy, more crisp. 30 sec seems to be the longest exposure the camera wants to do without remote.

I own a remote control, when I use it I like it a lot, but I am usually to lazy to fumble it on the camera. For a night sky like this, I should really use it. But I’m on vacation, you know?

About the location: We found the ‎Longsword Vineyard in Oregon through harvest hosts network, which could be best described as couchsurfing for RVs. The Vineyard, is located between some mellow mountains which offer a great up wind used by many paragliders. The Vineyard happened to have a landing zone for paragliders right in from of the terrace. It must be great to sit there, enjoy the wine and watch the paragliders come in, the sheep trot by, a bunch of chickens walk along or the goose herd waddle by.

We had to leave early the next morning and unfortunately missed the store hours. No wine tasting for us. But we’re hoping for another chance.

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  1. April 25, 2015 at 7:51 am

    Love that shot! I’m looking forward to summer nights when I’m camping so I can try one

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